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Dear students,
Please follow the guideline below in preparing your Individual Assignment. Please find the article below and do the article review.
Individual Assignment 1 : Article Review
Topic: Cost of capital and earnings transparency
Barth, M. E., Konchitchki, Y., & Landsman, W. R. (2013). Cost of capital and earnings transparency. Journal of Accounting and Economics.Volume 55, Issues 2-3, April-May 2013, Pages 206-224 Digital Object Identifier: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jacceco.2013.01.004 Publication Year: 2013 , Page(s): 206-224 

When we set out to critique or review in an academic context, our goal is to make a contribution to existing knowledge on a topic of scholarly interest; to make that contribution, we need to do much more than say whether we liked the article or not. We need to make our own thoughtful contributions to the article's analysis, and we need to support or offer proof for our thinking in any of following ways:  

·         By reporting the type of analysis the writer performs (anecdotal, quantitative, qualitative, case study) and assessing how this type of analysis supports the writer's reasoning and claims ·         By examining whether the writer's analysis adequately supports the writer's findings ·         By suggesting new information, methods of analysis, or theoretical approaches that might make a contribution to the writer's reasoning ·         By comparing the writer's reasoning with another expert's approach to the topic ·         By discussing how the same topic is examined in another discipline or from another perspective ·         By pointing out conclusions or causes or effects of the writer's reasoning that he or she has not addressed or anticipated ·         By examining the article for signs of coherent connections between ideas and, if appropriate, by showing how the lack of connections between ideas leaves the writer's conclusions or findings unsupported ·         By suggesting...
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