Yellow Journalism

Topics: Spanish–American War, William Randolph Hearst, Yellow journalism Pages: 7 (1731 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Internal Assessment

Yellow Journalism


Patrick Stauffer

IB History of Americas


May 17, 2013

Plan of investigation:

Why was yellow journalism a big impact in the Spanish American War?

The investigation will focus on devastating reports of yellow journalism between the time of 1898 to 1900 and how it affected the outlook of the war. This analysis will view yellow journalism’s impact on the decisions made by the United States. After, it will examine the battle’s that is might erupted due to its false information. Conclusively it will look at the lies yellow journalism tried to tell and how it affect the public’s opinions or views. My sources will be two articles written from that time called William Randolph Hearst* and the Editorial. Purpose and value was accounted for when examined when these sites were selected for this investigation.

This investigation will not include the views of the Spanish or how yellow journalism affects them throughout the war. Other political views from other countries involved will not be reviewed or examined in this investigation. To conclude this plan of investigation I would like to add that Yellow journalism affected many wars, however this evaluation will only focus on the Spanish American war.

Summary of evidence

• The Spanish-American War was a brief conflict between Spain1 and America.1

• Occurred on April-July of 1898.1

• The Spanish-American war was indirectly caused by Yellow Journalism.1

• Yellow journalism was having scare headlines in huge print, attracting much attention1

• “You furnish2 the pictures and I'll furnish2 the war.”1

• War was credited to ending of Spain’s worldwide empire and gain of several new territories 1 3

• “It was the cowardly Spanish, they cried!”4 5

• After being attacked, Americans quickly gathered for a counter attack.4

• Yellow pages quickly erupted attack as an act of War even though it was not really intentional.4

• Displayed pictures showing monstrous acts that Spanish never did.4

• Conjured fake interviews to strengthen their false accusations.4

• Exaggerated every piece of news that came from the War.4

• Yellow Journalism painted the Government as corrupt and lying.5

• Set claims that would turn the people against the government.5

• William Randolph Hearst was source of Yellow Journalism.6

• Yellow Journalism occurred due to rivalry with another printing company(Pulitzer)6

• Battle peaked from 1895 to about 1898, roughly around Spanish war.6

• Hearst sailed to Cuba during the war to give “accurate” accounts of the fighting.7

• “…Covered the revolution extensively and often inaccurately…”7

• “…The Spanish-American war was due to the enterprise and tenacity of yellow journalists, many of whom lie in unremembered graves."8

• Many reporters retired from journalism due to their “Yellow Sins” during the war.8

• Sent messages to the public to take action and openly fight Cuba.9

• Offered rewards and such to those that capture or go after Cubans.9

1 Source: 1stquibbler/
4 Source: 5Source:
9Source: 2 Stating that he would have the war as long as they continued the press. 3 Caribbean, Cuba, Parts of Mexico.
4 Referring to the sinking of battleship Maine

Evaluation of Sources

William Randolph Hearst*

A actual writer in the Spanish American war that promoted “Yellow Journalism”. The origin of this source is from a telegraph...
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