Year 10 geography - Aid, Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it???
Aid is when the government of developed countries assist developing countries to encourage economic growth and improve living standards. There are 3 types of aid bilateral, multilateral and non-government organisations. Bilateral is when government to government give developing assistance, multilateral provides assistance through international agencies e.g. world banks and non-government originations are assistance from the public e.g. world vision. The Australian government overseas aid programs are providing the lives and communities of millions.

In 2011-12 our governments aid expenditure was half a billion dollars. Some countries that we provide too are Africa, Middle East, south and west Asia, East Asia, pacific, Latin American and Caribbean. Our budget mainly provides to the pacific region, Indonesia, papa new gunia, Philippine, Vietnam, Bangladesh, east Timor and Pakistan.

NGO’S refer to non-government organisations; these organisations are here to promote sustainability, self-determination and equality on a geographical scale. NGOS are more effective because the public can either choose what to donate towards or what they think will help and they are guaranteed that their money is going towards a great cause, they sometimes hold fundraisers e.g 40 hour famine.

There are two types of treaties either bilateral (between two states) or multilateral (between two countries). Australia provides multilateral aid including education, training, health, agriculture, population, forestry and fishing. Australians national interest, global economics and cultural interaction are involved with treaties. One of our treaties was signed in 23.3.76, it is multilateral, our obligations under this treatie are to respect human rights, racial hatred, Australian law reform commission and disability discrimination.

Cultural advantages are keeping terrorism at ease, civil and political unrest. The economy can develop new goods and services markets...
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