Xerox: Review Questions

Topics: Employment, Culture, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Case 2
Review Questions
1 How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years? It’s their key to success and they provide many opportunities to different people. Xerox provides a very good environment to their employees to work at its full potential. Diversity has a power to influence other people that no matter what is your gender, age, culture or etc will never be a hindrance to your work. Xerox have a strong workforce because of the creativity that the employees share for the company. Their commitment to diversity is still going strong. 2 What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversity their workforce? Illustrate how Xerox shows it values workplace diversity. • Creativity

* Employees can share different ideas and opinions.
• Productivity
* With different abilities, skills and knowledge the employees can be more effective. • Eliminate discrimination
* With a diverse workplace discrimination will never be a hindrance for everyone. • Environment
* The environment will always be a factor to a success of a company. • Bringing the best
* A diverse company will motivate employees to bring out the best by the use of their abilities and knowledge. • Effectiveness
* It will help employee to be more effective to their work. • Acceptance.
* It will help many employees to accept different cultures, genders, opinions and many more among their co-employees.

3. Does Xerox embody or defy the “leaking pipeline” phenomenon? Why? It didn’t embody or defy the “leaking pipeline” phenomenon because “leaking pipeline” phenomenon is an circumstances or incident that has happened. 4. Research Question: Compare Xerox to other Fortune 500 companies. How are women and minorities represented at the highest level of each organization? How can these statistics be improved upon? - Skills and abilities of women are unique compare with men. Like in their family, women serves the food, clothes and...
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