wuthering heights

Topics: Love, Wuthering Heights, Lust Pages: 5 (2058 words) Published: April 4, 2014
ENGL 1005H Love and Hate (Winter 2014)
Midterm Exam
Date: Feb. 25th, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM (Section 09)
Sarah Thickett

By then the scent of roses given off by her body had traveled a long, long way. All the way to town, where the rebel forces and the federal troops were engaged in a fierce battle. One man stood head and shoulders above the others for his valor; it was the rebel who Gertrudis had seen in the plaza in Piedras Negras the week before. A pink cloud floated toward him, wrapped itself around him, and made him set out at a gallop toward Mama Elena’s ranch. Juan—for that was the soldier’s name—abandoned the field of battle, leaving an enemy soldier not quite dead, without knowing why he did so. A higher power was controlling his actions. He was moved by a powerful urge to arrive as quickly as possible at a meeting with someone unknown in some undetermined place. But it wasn’t hard to find. The aroma from Gertrudis’ body guided him. He got there just in time to find her racing through the field. Then he knew why he’s been drawn there. This woman desperately needed a man to quench the red-hot fire that was raging inside her.

A man equal to loving someone who needed love as much as she did, a man like him.
Gertrudis stopped running when she saw him riding toward her. Naked as she was, with her loosened hair falling to her waist, luminous, glowing with energy, she might have been an angel and devil in one woman. The delicacy of her face, the perfection of her pure virginal body contrasted with the passion, the lust, that leapt from her eyes, from her every pore. These things, and the sexual desire Juan had contained for so long while he was fighting in the mountains, made for a spectacular encounter.

Like Water for Chocolate, written by Laura Esquirel, is an empowering novel in the sense of lust and love. It is the story of young Tita and her quest to find and enjoy the pleasures of true love. Once she believes she has found her true love, Tita's mother quickly reminds her that because she is the youngest female in the family she has a duty to focus all of her time and attention on taking care of her mother until she dies, resulting in Tita's inability to continue with her unconditional love for Pedro, leaving her lonely with a longing for love and lust. Tita's mother then victimizes her by confining her to the kitchen. While obeying her mother's wishes, Tita, lonely and sad, must try to forget about her feelings for Pedro and chooses to express herself through food. However, her eldest sister Gertrudis has the ability to express her emotions when she runs off with Juan and begins to work in a brothel.             Tita is not the only one who expresses her feelings through food, her sister Gertrudis does as well. When Pedro brings Tita flowers, her mother tells her to get rid of them resulting in Tita using the rose pedals as an ingredient in the fancy meal she was cooking. While holding the flowers Tita transferred her love for Pedro into the meal which had an effect on Gertrudis once she eat it. After consuming the meal that Tita had made, Gertrudis was starting to feel different, her body was heating up, while eating, the transition of Tita's love went from the flowers into the meal and then to Gertrudis.             Feeling as if she's burning up, Gertrudis goes to the outdoor shower to attempt to wash away the feeling, as well as the pink sweat, and rose scented aroma she is giving off. Not knowing that what she is feeling is the lust for sexual desire, Gertrudis could not banish this strange and sexual sensation that was taking over her body. This sexual desire was heating up Gertrudis's body to the point where the water from the shower could not touch with her; it would evaporate before coming in contact with her skin, eventually resulting in fire. "Because the drops that fell from the shower never made it to her body: they evaporated before they reached her. Her body was...
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