Written Assignment #1

Topics: Media studies, Communication studies, Communication Pages: 3 (670 words) Published: July 15, 2013
James Mann

Introduction to Mass Communications COM-120-OL009

Written Assignment #1

1. Describe how you've used media over the last few days in these four areas: cognition, diversion, social utility, and withdrawal. Now describe how the media has helped you during this same period in terms of: surveillance, interpretation, linkage, entertainment, and formulating values.

I was married on May 3rd and we left on our honeymoon to Marathon and Key West, Florida on May 4th and will return home on May 14th. During this time, I have used mass media within the four areas in the following ways over the past week or so:

Cognition – I used the internet a few times to look up information regarding the town we stayed in for a few days: Key Colony Beach, Florida. The town’s website provided information regarding the number of people in town, the town’s annual budget and the elected officials – which are elected in non-partisan elections.

Diversion – We used my cell phone to listen to music through Pandora Music to help pass time while relaxing at the pool. We also looked through some local magazines to research where we should shop and eat. We also watch Survivor each week to divert frustration of everyday life.

Social Utility – I called my daughter Sunday night to discuss the Survivor finale and who won. We watch the show each week that causes a bond with my son and daughter.

Withdrawal – This week I kind of withdrew from reality while on my honeymoon. But in the past, there’s many times when I watch certain shows during the week on TV and if someone calls, my wife will say “He will call you back” since she knows I’d like to watch the show for that one hour (or half-hour period). Or, during football season, a NFL game.

2. Volunteer a personal-experience example of a communication breakdown between you and a significant person in your life. Using the eight elements in the communication process,...
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