Write Some of the Ways Fitzgerald Tells the Story in Chapter 4

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Narrative, Narrative mode Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Fitzgerald introduces accounts of Gatsby’s character through a first person viewpoint. As first person narration has its limitations, when Nick does not have all the facts he uses other sources in the form of different narrative voices. Nick, Jordan and Wolfsheim all contribute to creating the image of Gatsby in chapter 4. What we can depict from this chapter is that Fitzgerald has divided it into 3 sections. The first, listing the guests who attended Gatsby’s party in July and the rumours circling around that “One time he killed a man”. A recurring scene that we see throughout the whole novel is that he attracts the rich and powerful people. However, they are simply using Gatsby for his status and wealth and these people know nothing about Gatsby, and don’t seem to entertain the idea of wanting to know him other than taking part in idle gossip. The second section is the drive to New York where Gatsby introduces Nick to Wolfsheim. Through Nick’s first encounter with Wolfsheim we start to see links to a criminal and dangerous past of Gatsby’s. Gatsby and Wolfsheim’s interaction is a strong indication to illegal work they may have done together in the past. The character of Wolfsheim is also created in our meeting of him as he wears “Finest specimens of human molars” as cufflinks, and quite openly reminisces about the killing of a gangster. Through Fitzgerald’s description of Wolfsheim’s appearance and lifestyle, it suggests that Wolfsheim is a violent, corrupt and dangerous man to be around; in spite of this he speaks very highly of Gatsby indicating they had a past together, which represents the alternate sides to Gatsby. Fitzgerald shows the development between Nick and Jordan Baker’s relationship in the third section of this chapter, as she takes control to narrate the history of Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship to Nick. Jordan illustrates Gatsby to be a hopeless romantic who worships Daisy. His infatuation and love for Daisy later leads on to him taking the...
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