Write Short Notes on the Three Types of Legitimate Authorities Identified by Max Weber.

Topics: Max Weber, Authority, Charismatic authority Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: March 30, 2011
WRITE SHORT NOTES ON THE THREE TYPES OF LEGITIMATE AUTHORITIES IDENTIFIED BY MAX WEBER. Max Weber, a sociological and philosophical worker defined authority as the chance of commands being obeyed by a specifiable group of people, and legitimate authority as that which is recognized as justified by both the ruler and the ruled. He further identified three typesof legitimate authority; Rational-legitimate authority, Traditional authority, and finally the charismatic authority. RATIONAL-LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY:

It is that form of authority which depends legitimately on formal rules and established written, complex laws of the state. It is also that type of authority where the individuals or institutions exert power by virtue of the legal authority they hold. It is the authority that demands obedience to the office rather than the office holder. Thus once they leave office their rational legal authority is lost. The power of the rational–legal authority is mentioned in the constitution. Modern societies depend on this type of legitimate authority. An example of such authority includes the government. TRADITIONAL AUTHORITY;

It is said to have been derived from long-established customs, traditions, habits and social structures. It usually occurs when authority passes from one generation to another. Historically this has been the most common type of authority. An example is the right of hereditary monarchs. Thus it is the source of authority for monarchies. According to Weber inequalities are created and preserved by traditional authority. Should this authority not be challenged, the dominant leader or group will continue to stay in power. For Weber traditional power blocks the development of rational-legal authority. The dominant individual could be a clan leader, the head of the family, a patriarchal figure or dominant elite. CHARISMATIC AUTHORITY;

This type of authority grows out of the personal charm or strength of an individual’s personality. And is said to...
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