Write About the Ways the Difficulties of Love Are Explored in “Jane Eyre” and Claudio and Hero’s Relationship in “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Topics: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, Victorian era Pages: 6 (2171 words) Published: April 14, 2012
Charlotte Bronte’s novel, “Jane Eyre” and William Shakespeare’s play, “Much Ado about Nothing”, both focus on the themes of love; “Jane Eyre” was written in 1851, the Victorian era whereas “Much Ado about Nothing” was written in 1599, the Elizabethan era. Although there may be over hundreds of years between them, both texts exhibit the ways the difficulties of love can be explored.

Both texts imply that there will be difficulties as the relationships are established. Charlotte Bronte presents a flourishing relationship between Jane and Mr Rochester; this is evident when Mr Rochester says ‘“My cherished preserver good night!” Strange energy was in his voice. Strange fire in his look.’ Charlotte Bronte uses passionate language to display the development of love between Jane and Mr Rochester. The word “cherished” underlines Mr Rochester genuine and tender feelings towards her. Charlotte Bronte has also used the word “fire” to describe the look in Mr Rochester’s eyes, Bronte has deliberately used this metaphor to symbolise the growing passion, developing between Jane and him. By this point, readers begin to feel and see the developing passion between Mr Rochester and Jane. Bronte gradually establishes the growing passion between the two, as within the ideologies of the Victorian era, Mr Rochester would have been expected to marry someone of his own social class; due to this Bronte challenges the Victorian reader to consider marriage outside a particular social class.

Although, Bronte also uses actions instead of dialogue between Jane and Mr Rochester to portray their love and trust developing as well as highlighting the barrier of their opposing social classes, Bronte writes “But he still retained my hand and I could not free it”. By having Mr Rochester retain Jane’s hand in a simple manner, Charlotte Bronte creates a gradual tension between Jane and Mr Rochester to emphasise Mr Rochester accepting Jane as an equal, regardless of their social barrier. Bronte’s use of language and her short sentence in this quote allows readers to engage in the moment. Bronte achieves this by writing in first person to convey Jane’s internal monologue to the readers in order to allow them to feel pity and sympathy towards Jane later on in the novel. Bronte has also used tender language to portray the simplicity of the hand shake, the word “retained” highlights the use of Bronte’s use of tender language as the word does not imply force or hurt in anyway, instead the action portrays Mr Rochester’s affection towards Jane. Bronte has disguised Mr Rochester’s respect towards Jane in the form of a handshake to allow the intensity to grow within the two characters; through this Bronte illustrates the trust between Mr Rochester and Jane as well as emphasising on the growing passion between them being confined into a simple handshake.

Charlotte Bronte conveys the difficulties of love at the beginning of Mr Rochester and Jane’s relationship by emphasising on their social barrier. However, unlike “Jane Eyre” William Shakespeare has illustrated a contrasting relationship with very little development between Hero and Claudio that has been merely based upon aesthetics and lust instead of love and trust. When Claudio first notices Hero in Act 1, Scene 1, he says “Can the world buy such a jewel”. William Shakespeare used metaphorical language in order to present Claudio’s attraction towards Hero. William Shakespeare has compared Hero to a jewel, something that is precious and aesthetically pleasing to the eye to highlight the contrast between the extreme lack of development in their relationship as it’s based on lust rather than love, in comparison to the relationship of Jane and Mr Rochester’s. For readers, it is evident that there is very little experience in Hero and Claudio’s relationship as they are both extreme youthful characters.

However, a jewel is also an object, which foreshadows Claudio’s treatment towards Hero further on in the...
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