Wrist Watch

Topics: Watch, Pocket watch, Horology Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: September 3, 2008
A watch is a piece of tool, man have ever achieved in designing, in which have helped mankind to be precise on time. It is a small portable timepiece that displays time, and sometimes the day, date, month and year. These types of watches with more functions than just displaying the common time will cost the user a fortune. This timepiece is especially worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket. Showing us the time for centuries, watches have evolved from the usual mechanical form into a digital form. Somehow, the mechanical form of watches still captures the interest of many watch enthusiasts till today. Some are willing to spent millions just to get a hold of their favorite mechanical watch.

Pocket watch is the earliest form of watch since the 15th century. This pocket watch came with cover and were carried separately, often in a pocket, and hooked to a watch chain. It is until the 20th century that the wrist watch has came up and it sill inspires many watch manufacturers until today. Thanks to the invention of Patek Philippe, our generations still uses it and definitely have benefited it in many aspects. As the advancement of technologies grow with the passing of time, came the electromechanical watch which uses the source of energy to replace the mainsprings, thus removing the need for winding. Due to the popularity of the electromechanical watch, than came the digital watch which can be seen in today’s world. Many youngsters preferred this type of watch compared to others.

The pocket watch had its cover as a protection purposes. It is basically to protect the watch from being externally damage. From the normal pocket watch, came the wrist watch. Wrist watch is more user-friendly due to the position the user placed their watch.

Watches have been displaying time to mankind for years and the achievements this timepiece has obtained until now have inspired me. Without time, there won’t be day and without days, there won’t be any weeks. Thus, there...
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