Digital Evidence

Topics: Mobile phone, USB flash drive, Personal digital assistant Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Digital evidence refers to any piece of electronic information that can be found or retrieve from any electronic device which can be used to provide evidence for any use of violation. Basically, “Any information of probative value that is saved or stored in a binary form is digital evidence.” (SWGDE, 1998, p5). Below are the lists of electronic devices that stores digital evidence and some of the possible ways that the information can be manipulated: Information stored inside mobile phones such as phone numbers, calendar entries, text messages can be manipulated by employees or any personnel to commit crimes such as telemarketing fraud, pornography, stealing of company’s information or GPS location, etc. For example, a message was retrieved from a mobile phone which helped to acquit Patrick Lumumba in the murder of Meredith Kercher. (Trutv, n.d.). Personal digital assistant (PDA) which is capable of acting as a planner and any information stored inside it can be used as evidence. However, if the batteries were to be flat, the data inside would then be lost. Music players may contain images, music files, word or portable document format (pdf) documents that are classified or corporate information Digital watches can be used to store or record information such as mobile numbers or notes. They were also often used as timing device for bombing attack such as the attack of 1993 World Trade Center. As the usage of digital cameras and recorders increases, the photographs taken might be related to the crime. Cyber forensic tools can be used to retrieve or recover deleted photographs as a piece of evidence. Digital recordings were found inside Malvo and Muhammad’s car as an evidence for sniper killings. (FBI, n.d.). Storage devices such as CD-Rom, hard drive, thumb drive, floppy disk, cassette, card readers and dongles are also capable of storing digital evidence. Police found metadata stored inside the contents of the floppy disk that Dennis Rader sent which aided in...
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