Wrestling Descriptive Essay

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The mind boggling anticipation before a wrestling match is such a heart thrilling emotion. As you’re waiting for your name to be called, every wrestler is there with their coach warming up. I prefer jumping rope; this is a fun and fast way of getting muscles loosened and the sweat pouring. However, at the same time my mind is racing and my thoughts are wildly adventuring from one scenario to another. As I hear the announcer call my name, I now know that the time has come to put all of my hard work and talent to the test.

Stepping onto the mat, your first impression is the firmness of the mat. This mat particularly is soft and spongy, but you can smell the terrible aroma of sweat and blood. As I step onto the small white line, I stare my opponent in the face with a look of confidence. The referee then blows the whistle; the loud screeching sound is abrupt. The first period has now started. The first period is probably the most thrilling of the three. This is where you must learn your opponent’s strategy while using yours to defeat it.

Every match is filled with so much emotion, not only from the two wrestlers, but from the coaches, parents, friends, and team mates. This is why I hate watching a match; I will always find myself out of my seat and flinching when something sudden happens. While wrestling in a match, I can hear the loud applauding and screeching screams from my family and friends. I try to block out every noise except for the rapid advice from my coaches.

Within the first two minutes of a match I will always closely watch my opponent’s movement and how he keeps his stance. Now I wait for the right moment to attack for a takedown. I swiftly lower my stance and attack his legs feeling the sweat on his body come in contact with my arms and face. A takedown can happen so fast that it is completed within a second of time. However, other takedowns can last a long time...
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