Would Eliminating Religion Improve the World?

Topics: Religion, Faith, God Pages: 5 (1416 words) Published: May 29, 2011
* yes

Religion has brought nothing but wars and destruction.

Throughout history, we have only seen corruption and destruction from religion, wars and regimes. Because people are sinful, they corrupt the very foundations of what each religion is trying to teach - usually good things. Ultimately, it is not in carrying out the rituals and rights of religion that is important, it is through a personal relationship (not religion) with Jesus Christ that a person can come to know his or her true purpose. If everyone stopped practicing true religion and listened to the one true God, then asked forgiveness through his son, there would no longer be a desire for the pagan traditions of religion.

* yes

Education would improve the world!

Religious divisions are responsible for most of the death and mutilation that millions of people have suffered. It is one of the few superstions, (others are a belief in withcraft, or the power to do evil by intention alone) that haved plagued the world since man began to imagine. The only real antidote is education. Yes

Religion is dividing the world and is outdated.

Religion is splitting up the community and causing many tragic incidents, which are caused by religious extremists. How is believing that by being a suicide bomber and killing many people good? Well in one religion it is. Plus religion extremism are the backbone of many many incidents. All it was used as a hope that there was a "better world" when you died, but it was never proven, like most if not all things in religion. Science is constantly proving and disproving facts using evidence, whereas religion is just a written book or books that never say why this or that happened. If we don't want crazy extremist people hijacking planes and flying them into buildings or being a suicide bomber, the religion has got to go. Yes

Eliminating religion would improve the world because a major reason people fight would no longer exist.

If all of a sudden religion ceased to exist, a lot of countries and people would no longer have anything to fight about. There would be no difference between Jews and Muslims. The Holy War would never have taken place. Jesus would never have been crucified for spreading Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church would have never had the power to abuse. A lot of problems would have never developed, and it would be one less difference between the entire human race. Yes

Religion has served its purpose and is an outdated belief system that now only serves to divide.

Religion is a belief system based on myth that is no longer serving its purpose (explaining natural forces which we now have scientific answers for). Now it only serves to divide and give lunatics something to kill and die for. Science and nature are much better 'religions' to base beliefs upon since they serve all living things and are evidence based. Yes


No, I disagree that eliminating religion would not improve the world, because religious guides us to do good.

Many of us believe in a higher supreme being. This gives many a sense of calmness, and a place to turn to in the time of need. Spirituality also guides us to do good, and stay on a path that is all good. This guidance is very important to many of us and, thus, everyone should have the right to follow whichever religion they want. No

Religion has a mixed legacy, but beliefs are personal and should not be regulated or ruled upon.

I fully acknowledge that many conflicts in the world have been a direct result of religious beliefs. However, I believe that religion also brings a great deal of goodness to the world. It is certainly possible to be a moral and just person without religious leanings, but believing in a god does give some accountability to people. Additionally, belief is not something that I feel...
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