Topics: Wormhole, General relativity, Time travel Pages: 4 (399 words) Published: April 3, 2013

What is wormhole?
A bridge between black hole and white hole  A shortcut through spacetime  The fourth dimension  No evidences to prove its existence 

What is 4th dimension?
Length  Depth  Height  Time

What is wormhole?

Two different wormhole 1. Schwarzschild wormholes
○ also called ‘Einstein-Rosen Bridge’ ○ Inter-universe wormhole connecting two universes

2. Traversable wormholes

○ not traversable due to unstable property

○ Intra-universe wormhole connecting two locations in

a universe ○ May involve the possibility of ‘Time Travelling’ ○ Only be possible if exotic matter with ‘negative energy density’ could be used to stabilize them

How it was found?
First spoken by Ludwig Flamm  He studied Einstein notation(introduced in 1916) and found out that there are 2 solutions in Einstein’s equation.(i.e. Black hole and white hole) 

Function of Wormhole
Wormhole may not really exist  Functions are guessed by scientists 

Function of Wormhole

Shortcut in the space for travelling

Function of Wormhole

Some criteria must be fulfilled
 2.The connection must be stable

 1.There are two sides wormhole connection  3.The travel time must be short, at least shorter

than the human life

Function of Wormhole

Long Distance Travel


Method to stabilize wormhole

Negative Mass

 Neutralize the strong gravitation of

wormhole  Enlarge the size of wormhole so that a spaceship can pass through

Time Travelling
Another function of wormhole is transfer to another universe  may be the future, or the past, or another world 

How do scientists think about time travelling?

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking did not agree

 Nothing can run faster than light.
 We cannot see travelers from the

What will happen if time travelling exists?
Spacetime will be changed  Contradiction exists

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