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Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: February 11, 2014
W o r l d W a r I I S t u d y G u I d e


Fascism / Three Characteristics:1) Glorification of the state (state has absolute power and control, no checks and balances)
2) Social Darwinism (peaceful nations fail, every nation wanted to be aggressive)
3) Eleteism (all social orders destroyed, people were given assigned roles in society and they could not change them)

Mein Kamph:a book written by Hitler

London Conference:a conference in 1933 where 66 nations met and discussed how to deal with the great depression

Good Neighbor Policy:The US was tired of Latin America resenting them so the US removed troops from Panama and the Latin American image of the US improved

Rome-Berlin Axis: An alliance between Hitler and Mussolini

Neutrality Acts:whenever the president acknowledges the existence of a war, three neutrality acts go into place 1)No sailing on belligerent ships
2)No transporting and selling army to belligerent nations
3)No making loans to belligerent nations

Spanish Civil War:Franco leads a rebellion against the government and overthrows the government in Spain

Quarantine Speech:Japan has just invades China. FDR doesn’t recognize this as a war, but recognizes it as an invasion so that we can give help to China. The US wanted to Quarantine Japan by stopping all trade.

Munich Conference:the allies appease Hitler by granting him the sudentenland (Part of Czechoslovakia)


Lend / Lease Act:Since the United States has a Cash and Carry act in place (US will help belligerent nations with supplies, but the countries must pick the supplies up from the US and pay cash), Britain cannot afford to pay cash. The US decides to lend Britain supplies and Britain will simply return them after the war. (This Ends the US’s neutrality)

Peacetime Draft:a draft instituted to strengthen the army to protect the US (no intention to go to war)

Non-Aggression Pact:a treaty between Germany and Russia...
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