WW1 Study Guide

Topics: World War I, World War II, League of Nations Pages: 3 (360 words) Published: February 19, 2014
WW1: Unit Test Outline
The Test: Date:
25 marks: Multiple choice
15 marks: Written response
12 marks: Essay (*MARKS NOT RECORDED. For your reference only)

1. Turn of the Century
a. SPECTREM Changes
b. Wilfrid Laurier (French-English Canadian Relations)
c. Minority Rights (French Canadians, First Nations, Chinese)

2. Causes of War
a. Militarism
i. Building up of armaments; Germany trying to match Britain’s great navy b. Alliances
i. Triple Alliance/Central Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary, (Italy) ii. Triple Entente – Britain, France, Russian, ( + colonies: Canada, United States) c. Imperialism
i. Sphere of influence (India/China – value)
d. Nationalism
i. Franz Ferdinand (Austria-Hungary); Gavrillo Principe (Serbia)

3. The War in Europe
a. Schlieffen Plan – two front war; trench warfare
b. Technology – machine guns/planes/uboats/poison gas/tanks/trench warfare c. Women’s roles – nurses/ambulance drivers
d. Battles
i. Ypres: Chlorine gas, Flanders Field, urban warfare
ii. Somme: Bloodiest battle, tanks used
iii. Vimy Ridge: proud Canadian victory
iv. Passchendaele: little strategic value, huge losses, torrential rain

4. War on the Homefront
a. Women’s changing role
b. Wartime legislation/politics
i. Sam Hughes
ii. War Measures Act
iii. Conscription Crisis – Khaki Election, Henry Bourassa
iv. Military Voters Act
v. Wartime Elections Act
c. Halifax Disaster
i. Mont Blanc and Imo
d. Propaganda
e. Paying for war
i. Victory Bonds
ii. Income Tax

5. Conclusion of War
a. US enters the War (Lusitania)
b. Eastern front dissolves
i. Russian uprisings, Bolsheviks
c. Armistice
d. Paris Peace Conference
i. Treaty of Versailles (war guilt clause, reparations, Europe land exchanges, demilitarized…too harsh?) ii. League of Nations (collective security, sanctions, effective?)

6. Canada’s New International Role
a. Borden argues for more influence at Versailles
b. Autonomy
c. French-English relations

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