world street jornal NO.1

Topics: Stock market, Central bank, Stock Pages: 1 (626 words) Published: November 1, 2014

WSJ Summary No.1
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U.S. Stocks Little-Changed as Investors Look to Fed on Rates, September 14, 2014 The article talks about the US stock that has been wavered between losses and gains within the week. The Fed is expected to change the conditions of the interest rates within the week. It has been identified that the central banks is attempting to reduce the amount of interest rate charged but the Fed intends to make reviews of the same subject. Higher yields on relative risks free assets would impact negatively on the ways in which there are returns on stock valuations. There is an outperformance on the income producing utilities within the stock market such as real estates. There has been an increase in the stock levels of energy with each barrel increasing $ 93.93.In identifying the economic side, the prices that categorically belong to the producers remained constant since July through August as the report indicated by the labor department implied within the median that matches the one estimated within the economists in the Wall Street Journal Poll. This has been an insinuation that the US stock is not based on inflation measures. The article is effective in administering the trends in stock prices given the differences within the Fed and the central bank regulations. Companies' Stock Buybacks Help Buoy the Market, September 15, 2014 There has been recorded a continuous trend in the ways in which companies are exceedingly buying their own shares within the markets. The corporations within the market have brought 339 billion worth of dollars back within the first half of the year since 2007. There are growing extents of buybacks given the large extent of market slip. There has been recorded an outperformance by companies by around 20% for those who buy their stocks in large worth within the stock market. Jonathan Gliona identifies the reasons behind the buybacks that have affected the stock market. One of the reasons for the buyback is the...
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