World Religions Report

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World Religions Report

One of the religions that I find intriguing and chose to do an interview about is the Islamic religion. Known as Muslims the members of the Islamic religion originated in Saudi Arabia is the second largest religion in the world today. The founder of this religion was a man by the name of Mohammed. Mohammed was an orphan child his mother passed when he was two years of age and his father passed before he was born he was then raised by his grandfather who also passed and left him in the care of his son, Mohammed set out in search of the truth. Muslims are an organized religion they must adopt the five pillars of Islam which are five duties that each Muslim must commit to in order to be a Muslim. They also must pray five times a day each day and on Fridays they pray together in the Mosque, which is the Holy Temple that Muslims congregate at for worship. Islam is a monotheistic religion and they worship Allah. Mohammed was a prophet who came to bring the word of the holy Koran to the people so that they may find the truth in religion. From the interview that I conducted I found that Mohammed was a peaceful man who sought the truth. Not all Muslims are bad and those who terrorize people are known as extremists. Mohammed himself went to extreme measures to gain followers for this religion, his life story is important to Muslims because he brought the word of God and his teachings and sayings are recorded in the Hadith. The Five Pillars of Islam are five duties that all Muslims must live by in order to be a Muslim – Shahada: The declaration, Salat: Prayer, fasting Sawm: Ramadan, Zakat: charity, Hajj: journey to Mecca at least once in your life if you are healthy enough and your finances permit you to. Muslims have much organization in their religion and all Muslims must adhere to the rules or demands that are asked of Islam. The two main sects of Islam are Shia and Sunni. Sunni is said to have more than 90 percent of followers of Muslims and Shia 10 percent Shia are followers of Ali and Sunni are followers of the custom of the caliphate. (Bates, 2008). History of Islam:

Islam is said to be a peaceful religion and the term Islam is said to mean Peaceful submission to God. The Koran describes Islam as an Arabic word Deen and it means a way of life. Muslim is not only a religion it is also a way of life. (Hakim, 2009). All of the prophets that brought the word of God had the same mission. Before Mohammed came the Arabic people all believed in multiple Gods and Goddesses. Arabs were nomadic and depended on cattle as their means of survival. Before Mohammed brought them prophecies from God they was a barbaric and brutal culture of people, they fought with other groups over trivial matters such as water. A small argument with another tribe could lead to the murder of many innocent people. (Hakim, 2009). Mohammed was declared a prophet to the Arab people but many other people believed his teachings so much so that he became prophet to a great nation of people.

Interview with Phil a Muslim:
Hi Phil, what are the beliefs of Muslims?
Phil: “ Muslims must believe in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in order to be a Muslim we do believe in Jesus and that he was a Prophet and not the Son of God we have monotheistic beliefs and we believe in God or Allah, we also believe in the angel “Jibreel” or “Gabriel” because he brought the word of Allah to our Prophet Mohammed. (PBUH) We believe in the Five Pillars of Faith and these are five religious duties that all Muslims must perform in order to be a Muslim. We believe in only God and no other Gods”. Q: What are the foundations for the teachings of the Koran and Islam? “ The foundation of Islam is our belief and we believe in monotheism and monotheism only. The Koran teaches that there is only one God and he fathered no son’s. We do believe in Jesus and that he was a prophet as our prophet. We believe that he did perform...

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Professor this is only a rough draft my informative paper is not complete I have yet to finish my interview with Phil we will conclude our interview tomorrow as I have to interview him while he is at work because he owns a store near my house and he won’t be in until tomorrow. There is other information that I have to add I am still organizing, editing and proofing information so that it is placed in the correct paragraphs. I hope I am on the right path with this paper and I am looking forward to your feedback so that I can provide the best informative paper to show how much I have learned about different religions in your class. Thanks for everything and I am waiting to hear from you so I can make any necessary corrections.
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