World's Reliance on Computers

Topics: Computer, ENIAC, Computing Pages: 4 (1205 words) Published: May 2, 2011
World’s Reliance on Computers

By; Kevin Roach Jr.
April 26th 2011

Computers are used in many different ways; they are used in all sorts of different fields of work and are very important to many different people. Practically anything that you use is made by computers. Today’s modern vehicles and airplanes were are designed on a computer. Our country’s traffic signals are run by a network of computers. In a hospital, most lifesaving machines are run by computers. Space exploration would not have been possible without the help of computers. Most employers today require the use of computers. Most people in this 21st century would be lost if they didn’t have the computer.

In the early 1800’s with no computers, the medical field had no cures for life threatening diseases. But now in the 21st century most of the cures we have discovered were created with the aid of computers. Computers our found everywhere, in places such as pharmacies. Where without them they would have a hard time keeping inventory, and managing which medicine goes to which patient. The votes for elections are counted, it may have been done by hand one day, but that makes them inaccurate and easily tampered with. But with the growing population and security risks it would be unmanageable without computers. As said previously space exploration would not be possible at all without the guidance of computer systems. You got to admit life would truly suck without computers. Many people do not agree at all and argue that we don’t need computers at all to live on. Well they could be right, but they sure do not know what would happen to the economy and the quality of life without them.

At one point in time there were computers that were nowhere near as intricate like the ones we have learned to love today. Older computers were not as small as the ones we are used to having on our laps today. In fact the first computer ENIAC (electronic numerical integrator and computer), weighed 30 short tons,...
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