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Topics: Employment, Personality psychology, Personal development Pages: 10 (3327 words) Published: September 21, 2014
This assignment aims to analyse the careers of three individuals by exploring the personal and situational factors considered in Super’s Archway Model as well as the Krumboltz's Theory, and discuss how these factors interact and affect career decision-making. The analysis is then applied to the discussion how to use the various types of intelligences in achieving career success and advancement. Interviewee 1

Name: Jane Chua
Highest Educational Qualification: Honors in Accountancy
Age: 40 years old
Gender: Female
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Singaporean
Work experience: 21 years
Past occupation: Accountant/ General Accounts Manager
Current occupation: Assistant Finance Manager
Brief Background
Jane is currently working as an Assistant Finance Manager with Ng Lee & Associates and has been there for almost 2 years. Being the mother of two children, Jane placed a huge emphasis on being able to spend quality time with her family. Thus, the major factors which influenced Jane's career history is job satisfaction and work life balance. When asked to classify herself under three of the six personalities and environments that Holland developed which suits her best, she chose Conventional, Social and Realistic. Career History of Individual:

Jane graduated at the age of 22 and started her first job as an assistant accountant with Panasonic where she was only in charge of only one of the subsidiary's account. Due to outstanding performance, she was promoted several times within a span of 3 years. This was parallel to the company's policy to provide opportunities for career development to retain talents.

However, even with good promotion prospects, Jane does not hold much authority in decision-making. With meeting tight deadlines and superiors' expectation the only challenges, job task were mundane and this resulted in a lack of motivation for her. Although this job provided her the work-life balance she wanted, she did not enjoyed the nature of her work at all. Furthermore, the most pivotal reason for her exit was due to the clash of personal value. During the period of economic downturn, there was a change of the management. In order to present a positive financial results to the owners, Jane was ordered to manage the earnings accounts. This made Jane faced with an ethical dilemma. Coupled with her lack of job satisfaction, she decided to leave the job.

Next, she moved on to her next career to work as an Assistant Finance Manager. The company's value is in line with her personal value. Moreover, her current nature of job is less mundane and allowed her to participate in more decision making. This made Jane highly motivated by the new challenges available to her every day, and satisfied with her working environment and work life balance offered.

Interviewee 2
Name: Sam Ang
Highest Educational Qualification: Primary 6
Age: 55 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Singaporean
Work experience: 38 years
Past occupation: Construction Worker, Interior Design Contractor Current occupation: Taxi Driver
Brief Background
Sam is currently working as taxi driver of Comfort and has been there for almost 17 years. He is married with two children and has been the sole breadwinner of the family. Thus, the major factors which influenced Sam's career history is job stability, health and work life balance. Being part of a big family of 12 children, Sam, who was the 10th child, could only study up to secondary 3 before he was forced to drop out of school to support the family by working for his uncle. When asked to classify himself under three of the six personalities and environments that Holland developed which suits her best, she chose Conventional, Enterprising and Realistic. Career History of Individual:

Sam started working as a full time construction worker at the age of 18. He was working for his uncle and his other younger brothers were also working there, albeit with different tasks. Weighed...
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