Working At Mcdonalds

Topics: Learning, Adolescence, Skill Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Alex Polston
I do not agree with the overall view of the article “Working at McDonalds.” This article intimidates the popular, undemanding jobs of teenagers at places that do not require a set amount of skills to begin work. Yes, these jobs are extremely easy to learn and they do not require much thought or concentration, but they do teach valuable job and social skills. Etzioni claims that these jobs are highly un-educational, cause teenagers to spend money on insignificant things, and skew work values. She fails to acknowledge the upsides that these low paying jobs bring employed teenagers. First of all, I think this article is very biased. It sounds as if Etzioni only told one side of the story here. I have personal experience at a fast food work place and I have to admit, I learned a lot. In my experience jobs like these are great first time jobs. I learned how to interact with the public in a professional way, how to spend my hard earned money, and many other important skills. An example of learning how to interact with the public is when students have learn a communication skills to talk to customers. They can’t speak casually anymore, they have to communicate for the purpose of business. That’s what they can’t learn from the class room because they can joke with their friends in school, but when they are an employee, everything they do represents the image of the company. Their words must be limited and they have to know how to speak respectfully. Etzioni implies that since teens have more disposable money to buy “flimsy punk clothes, trinkets, and whatever else is the last fast-moving teen craze” Etzioni explains that working jobs doesn’t teach teens good money habits. I do not think it is bad at all. The teenagers have their own money to do with as they please. They can save paychecks up for a nice new phone or spend less money on a less expensive phone; this is teaching them what the value of a dollar truly is. This is one of the biggest...
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