Workers Participation in Management

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The Word ‘Participation’ has its origin n the Latin root ‘participate’ which means taking part or sharing. Sharing is atleast a bilateral process.
Hence ‘workers participation’ is considered as a process by which workers participate in Management functions of planning, to organizing and controlling with the objective o better results and satisfaction. The move to associate workers in decision-making process of Management has gradually been Gaining momentum in India with the introduction of democratic institutions and spread of literacy among workers.

The “National Commission of Labour” observed the industrial worker of today has acquired a dignity not known to his predecessor.
He is o Longer the unskilled coolie of the days gone by engaged in an unending Struggle to takeout his existence neglected by the Society except for his limited and with nverty limited aspirations. He has new personality of his own.

Social thinkers have been concerned, from the very beginning of industrialization, with the problems of the status of workers in industry. The origin can be traced to the thinking of early socialist.

Writers who highlighted the economic and social disorders of industrially developing countries and stressed the need for unity and cooperation among partners of production. Also a major development in the past two hundred years in the political field relates to the evolution of democratic system i.e., creating institutions, which provide opportunities to the people to express their views and to influence the decision processes of the government. The concept of political democracy gave further impetus to the concepts of economic and industrial democracy.

In fact, several socialist thinkers advocated the political democracy could not survive or become effective unless economic and industrial democracy were also achieved. They advocated that just as people have the right to choose their government, the workers too should have the right to influence the managerial decisions, if not the right to choose the management.

The Royal Commission on Trade Unions and Employees Associations has opined that “The right to representation in decisions affecting his work is or should the prerogative of every worker in a democratic society.”

In India, Mahatma Gandhi mooted the idea of “Workers participation in management” through his concept of trusteeship, which envisaged industrial harmony through respect of mutual obligations and participation. Gandhiji thought of a workers Republic to create proper understanding, coordination and harmony between capital an labour so as to recognize each other’s value and honour and each other’s dignity.

The collaborative relationship between labour, management and public authorities advocated by “International Labour Organization” since its inception on 1919 had an impact n the thinking on the workers role in the Management of an undertaking. The constitution and the working of the international Labour Organization itself represents an embodiment of this relationship. Further through various conventions and recommendations, the ILO has sought to make mutual consultation obligatory in such matters as hours of work, provisions of employment service, collective agreements etc. Though India did not ratify the convention No.84 on Right of Association of workers, it has accepted the recommendation No.94 on Labour Management Cooperation at the level of undertaking.

The first 5 year plan had also called for the constitution of joint committees for constitution at all levels and reiterated the government faith in work committees. It is said “works committee for the settlement of differences on the spot between the workers and...

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