Childcare Level 3 Unit 0.53

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Unit 053

a) Diversity – The differences in individuals ie ethnic origin, religious background, gender, sexuality, appearance.
b) Equality – Everyone has the same opportunities in life.
c)Inclusion – Identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging. Participation – the act of taking part or sharing in something. In the setting this is giving children and families a say in how provision is made for them.

Discrimination can effect the individual by damaging their self esteem, self image and self confidence. Effects can include a loss of potential for an individual or indeed a group, and discrimination can cause people to be unable to contribute as fully to society as they could. A person inflicting discrimination often has, because of their assumptions, a distorted view of life. An inclusive practise allows anyone to be accepted into the setting, regardless of race, religion or social background etc. This inclusive ethic allows all children equal chances to flourish, and promotes diversity. Inclusion is the opposite of discrimination. We can help promote this in the setting by extending the childrens knowledge and understanding of people like themselves and people who are different to them – we can do this with dolls, multicultural stories and celebrating other cultures events like Chinese New Year. We also treat each child as an individual – not all children develop at exactly the same rate as each other , this is also an important aspect of an inclusive setting.

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Discrimination should obviously be challenged, but we should try and do so in a way that can help change the discriminators behaviour so they desist from doing it in future.
An example could be within the setting. If an activity is clearly designed for boys at the exclusion of girls, we could talk with the originator about why the girls are being excluded, or bring matters up at a staff meeting.
If we witness

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