Work Plan

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Work Plan

Statement of Problem

Many students with the fashion Communication program are experiencing stress because of a heavy workload. Ryerson’s Counselling Services needs to find a way to solve this problem.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this report is to outline all the problems that Ryerson students may face and to help Ryerson students cope with the high stress level. This report will investigate methods that students will be able to use to help manage the stresses of school. It will outline the causes that affect students the most at school. For example, lack of proper time management skills, not enough sleep, not eating properly, and the lack of internal and external supports will be examined. This report will also outline ways in which student stress can be addressed and managed correctly and effectively. This report is very important because it will allow us to see what the causes are creating unmanageable stress among students.

Research strategy

I will gather information about this problem from several different sources. Sources such as, gathering information from reliable online documents and conducting focus groups with students experiencing some form of stress.

Tentative Outline

I. Is school stress a serious problem?

A. How many students are suffering from the stress of a heavy workload? B. Can stress increase or decrease a student’s capacity to learn? C. Is excessive stress harmful to the student’s performance?

II. Should Ryerson Counselling Services find a new way to help students with stress?

A. How hard would it be?
B. Would it help them learn better?
C. Can the counsellors try new ways to help students cope with school stresses?

III. Should student workload be decreased?

A. How much work are students given?
B. Can the workload be decreased?
C. Is the amount of work given needed?

Work Schedule


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