Work Experience

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Work Experience
The different aspects of the Police Force
The police force has a wide range of different jobs within the profession. Of course there is the well known ‘bobby’ who is pictured in so many dramas on TV and throughout history as the good figure protecting the law. However, very few people fully realize the amount of man power required to run the police force effectively as there are thousands of different types of support staff, which I will discuss later, the police dog department, 999 call centres and much more. These different aspects of the police force could not work independently but instead have to work together otherwise there is a hole in the protection of the law which criminals spot and exploit to their advantage. Of course, with all the cuts in funding for all the public services, there have been well known accusations that the police are too stretched to achieve their primary goal; to protect the people. However I fully believe that if the separate departments work together they can still provide a good service to the public.

The front line ‘bobby’ has, in my opinion, an interesting job as they have such a variety in what they see on a day to day basis. One day they might be called to a robbery resulting in the arrests of the culprits but another day they might be patrolling the streets to show visual support to the public. Even though there is an element of fun to their jobs such as ‘blue runs’ through the centre of town, there is also the serious matter of protecting the public in the public interest. These people are often tied up with notes and forms which need to be filled in to complete arrests etc, which takes away their valuable presence away from the streets. This important service provided by these men and woman are only the front line people recognised with the force. Also sometimes seen, mainly during riot times and drug busts are the dog department. These animals are highly trained and are effectively used by the...
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