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Work Experience

By AnnnBarber Mar 13, 2011 521 Words
On Monday the seventh of February this year I started my work experience. I did my first week in a clothes shop called Bershka in Mahon Point. I started work at ten o clock and finnished at half three. On Wednesday I had a half day so I finnished at half twelve. There were three other girls in my year doing their work experience in Bershka too. We got a twenty minute break at eleven and we got a hour lunch at one o clock. It was very busy in the shop because its popular and very fashionable. I had lots of different jobs to do. Sometimes I was in the changing rooms, collecting hangers and bringing out clothes back onto the floor, other times I was in the back in the storeroom folding and hanging up clothes that had been taken off the floor. I also was on the floor folding clothes and hanging them up and when there was a delivery I was around the back doing what they called "ripping and stripping" which is taking the clothes out of the packet and making sure the right price is on the tag. The other thing I did was help change the shop layout around, one of the managers was in charge of the way all the clothes, tables and shelves were layed out and she moved them around each time they got a delivery to mix things up and give the shop a bit of vareity. The other workers were kind and helpful. Overall I got great benifit and enjoyment, I didnt get a job out of it but it was a great experience.

For my second week of work experience I went to university collage cork, to do a business information systems course. There were four people from ten schools there. It started at half nine and finished at half three. We got a tea break for fifteen minutes in the morning and a forty five minute lunch at quater to one. I was in a computer lab for the majority of the time. Everyone sat at their own computer. The day was spilt up into three sections and at each section we had a different lecture. Lecturers talked to us about the different techniques they use to teach. Students studying the business information systems course came to talk to us about what they do in their studies, what they will do when they leave collage and what kind of projects they will be taking part in. I learned how computer games are made and I learned how to design something like it. I learned about what future technologies people are studying to create and about the way life will have changed in a few years because of the new technologies that will be created. I met alot of new friends and everyone was very nice there. The two weeks went very fast and I wish I had more time there. Overall I learned alot in both Bershka and Collage, but I still dont know what I career I would like to persue when I finnish school.

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