Work Ethic

Topics: United States, Work ethic, Economy of the United States Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: April 15, 2013
In 21st century America, where most of us think life should be easy and things that take too much time and effort are to be avoided, convincing people that working long and hard is a difficult task. As has been previously reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the number of hours the average worker devotes toward his job has been steadily decreasing since 1958 (para 18). While we would expect to contribute this decline to some degree to technology, as good deal of the decline has been pegged to workers simply not brining to the job the enthusiasm and work ethic that they once did. Parents, employers, and the government have been trying both to raise the awareness of the need for a stronger work ethic and then promote an increase in work ethic in Americans – but it is not an easy process. My team thought, and our research supported, the idea that these types of work habits must be instilled in all of us at a young age. Again, my team and I are convinced that a strong work ethic must be established in high school – probably even earlier. The future

The declining work ethic should worry all of us. We can see the ramifications in both our current American economy and within our standing in the entire world. Professor Walter Smithson, Dean of the College of Foreign Affairs warns us that other countries are beginning to work harder and to produce newer and better products than we are (18). Additionally, foreign students no longer flock to the United States for their education, and they very frequently, score jobs that American students use to get ( 23). As the years progress, the balance of power will shift. We are worried that it won't be too long before America is not the most powerful and influential nation. Americans might not enjoy a strong standard of living to which most of us have become accustomed. We can’t rely on someone else to build and maintain our nation. We take so much of what we have for granted that we don’t even notice that...
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