Word Peace

Topics: Peace, World War II, War Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Ramona D Miranda

Word Peace
World peace is a commonly debated issue among today’s society; Searching for peace can be a challenge when everything around you has something to do with war. Growing up can be difficult as well but through the tough times people become more knowledgeable. World War II was a horrific and tragic war all the whole world. Many lives around the world were taken to defend their countries beliefs and to strive for world peace. Many think that the war was inevitable, but I think it could have been prevented in many ways. First off we should have let go of isolationism much sooner. The European allies could have stood up to Hitler instead of appeasing him. The Treaty of Versailles killed Germany and put them in an economic spiral, which they could never recover from. We should have given up isolationism a lot sooner. It was understandable that we didn’t want to get involved because of what the people of our country thought but we would have to join the war sometime. There is a way that people tried to have world peace and it’s throughout music. Music evokes pleasurable limbic states, which result in emotional responses, the brain having its emotional systems triggered off by pleasurable sounds. After experiment music for peace the thousands that gathered came to release tensions, feel the music, and come to peace. But it is possible to obtain peace? Peace is a hard word to define and get. According to the dictionary on my computer, peace is a period of time where there is supreme well-being and sometimes happiness. Peace is a period of time; would it be possible for peace to be an infinite period of time? Even with this superficial meaning it becomes hard to define peace. How long is this time period? Is there a way to get to a never-ending peace? There are several unsuccessful ways that have been employed in the past, in example certain civil wars. The American Civil War was a great example. The South wanted to be independent so that...
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