Belief of Alexander Hamilton Towards Jefferson and Madison

Topics: World War II, Cold War, United Nations Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: December 3, 2012
At the end of World War I, there were numerous fearful and terrible damages that happened in the world. The Allies shifted responsibilities to the Central Powers, especially to Germany. As a result, countries, such as the Ottoman Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire were divided into a couple of small countries. Meanwhile, Germany needed a leader who would tide them over the crisis; and there was a leader, whose name was Hitler. As a military man, Adolf Hitler was fatigued by the debt that had to be paid for all the compensation from World War I. One of the reasons why Hitler planned to start another war was that he could not pay all of the debt back and make proper compensation for World War I. However, Europeans and Americans ignored the threats of Germany as none of their business, and then World War II became the world’s business. There was a plethora of “war guilt” during World War II, for example, persecution of the Jews caused the war to be more painful. World War II is the most important event in history because it brought many results into the world; for example, World War II proved to be the most costly war in history, the number of deaths and amount of money lost during the war transformed the political, social, and economic situations in Europe, the world divided into two “super powers”, and one of the visible results of World War II was the creation of the United Nations.

World War II proved to be the most costly war in history because of the number of lives lost and the amount of money spent. There was new technology which was expected to develop during the war to fight disease; yet, it made the war at its worst when it came into the war. The new technology made war more devastating in areas and drastically diminished populations. For instance, American submarines disrupted communication and commerce between Japan and its Pacific empire, which sunk 167 Japanese warships, 2,089 merchant vessels, and the deaths of 20,000 Japanese defenders....

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