Women & Welfare

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Women and Welfare

Women are beginning to face several problems in today's time. Ranging from being treated as only sex symbols to having to live the stereotype of "you have to be skinny to be beautiful", the last thing women need is another rising problem. Unfortunately for women and even society though, one exists. Several factors in the American society are to blame for the positive correlation between women and welfare, and if nothing is done about it, it will soon become a problem that needs severe resolving efforts. According to Mr. Leahy's excerpt , author of the article entitled Time on welfare: why do people enter and leave the system?, there are at least 2 factors we can blame on why a lot women are being forced to rely on welfare: "Race and education appear to be separately, and addictively, related to welfare duration. Blacks remain on welfare somewhat longer than whites at every educational level except for less-educated married couples. Education appears to have a stronger effect than race: less education increases welfare duration for both racial categories. For all family categories, less educated black women who enter welfare before the age of 25 spend more time on welfare. Black women who are widowed, divorced or separated and who have children experience the longest spells. Surprisingly, less educated unwed black women spend as much total time on welfare as married couples with children. Very likely this results because the former group is younger than the married sample. The fact that the married sample is older may also explain why there is no clear relationship between family status and time on welfare."

As you may see, it is thought that race and especially the lack of education contribute to the likeliness of welfare usage. In today's society, education is one of the most important things a person can attain, no matter the area the person lives in. An education empowers an individual to have the know how of getting out of a...
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