Women of Race in the Late 19th Century

Topics: Southern United States, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Andrew Telleria
Essay 1 (1/31/2013)
During the American Civil War all the free white men of the southern confederacy had left their homes to fight the war. While the white male southerners were out fighting battles they left their family and homes with their slaves. During that time period there were no incidents of rape rather the slaves provided protection for their families. When the war ended all the slaves were free and became citizens of the United States. The white southerners did not take to this lightly. To maintain white supremacy in the south white southerners would make false accusations against Afro-Americans of rape, murder, burglary, etc. With the extra-legal laws still intact, by public opinion an enraged mob would lynch Afro-American that have been accused of a crime. This law was only exercised towards the Afro-American population of the south during the late 19th century, mainly towards Afro-Americans men, to maintain white supremacy in the south. The gender norms of the south were that white women married white men. There was a law that prohibited interracial marriage. The law even prohibited intimate interracial relations. Gender ideology of the time was still Victorian, women would stay at home and men would provide for their families. The role of the women was to take care of home and be the moral compass for the family. The man was supposed to work to provide income for his family and home. Sometimes the man of the house would lose sight of his virtues and would rely on his wife to guide him. The core virtues were religious and mainly Christian. There is a reason why the woman is supposed to be the moral compass for her family. Southern women of the late 19th century were to be pious and pure. Seeking for an intellectual life and a career was frowned upon heavily. Men of the late 19th century were not expected to be pure because of their nature but they were encouraged to seek a pious life. Men were seen as impulsive...
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