Women in 1920s

Topics: 1920s, Women's suffrage, Roaring Twenties Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Task:Outline the women’s experiences in 1920’s

The twenties were a time of contradiction where things were changing after the war. Women in the twenties experienced major change in their lives. First as this popular image of the modern women of the 1920s which they were called a flapper were idolized. Many other things also happened, the social image of a women changed, jobs changed, and politics changed and also the perception of women in society also changed.

This image of the flapper was a bit of an illusion as women were still overlooked at still largely excluded from public, they were paid less than men and also expected to give up their job after they got married. What made a flapper was, hey could dance the Charleston, and smoke a cigarette, drive a car and also use modern technologies in the home and enjoying the freedom of paid employment. Socially women were still excluded in society but in the 1920’s women, more than men started to embrace this change which challenged the old ways. Young women started to have short sleek hair, go out at night, shapeless shift dresses, exposed limbs, nylon stockings, high heels and also make up which was kind of like a revolution in women values in the 1920’s.

In the twenties getting a job and getting paid enough for it was hard. There was much discrimination to women in the 1920’s in jobs. Only 20.3% of women in Australia were in the work force. But before the 1920’s women had even less people in the workforce. But how there was an increase of jobs was because of how most of the men went to war leaving shops and business in need of workers for a cheap price. Women rights were ignored by the trade union as there were scared to lose their power, if they did obey by women rights they could be taken over by women. Also education was largely in the domestic arts which lead to jobs like, being a teacher, nursing, in to retail and in domestic. The average wage of an average man was 5 pounds 20 while the average wage...
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