Flappers In The 1920s

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Its out with the old and in with the new, with the closing of world war 1 and the beginning of women's suffrage the mainstream life for most had changed and a new generation of scandalous women was born. These young women were known as flappers, they did not obey the stereotype of the typical woman during this time period. these women changed history by simply exhibiting their rights and provoked men to see women as individuals. Flappers set the new fashion of the twenties from their carefree attitude to the clothes they wore and their experimentation with new hairstyles and makeup.
Fashion had always been around but it was not until the 1920s when suddenly fashion became a big deal ¨The 1920s saw the emergences of three major women's fashion...

Prior to the nineteen twenties women who were seen as sumptuous had stunning long hair and did not wear a lot of makeup. It was not until ballroom dancer Irene Castle stepped on stage to perform with her hair cut above her shoulders that a new trend was started,because women were known to have long hair during this time period this soon became a big part of hair history.¨Early on, when women wanted to emulate that look, they couldn’t just walk into a beauty salon and ask the hairdresser to cut off their hair into that blunt, just-below-the-ears style. Many hairdressers flat out refused to perform the shocking and highly controversial request And some didn’t know how to do it since they’d only ever used their shears on long hair¨(History Flapper). Although many barbers refused the ¾ soon became the typical cut for flappers these care free women enjoyed spending little time taking care of their hair as it meant they had more time to go out and have fun. As flappers began to change the typical appearance of women through fashion and hairstyles they also changed makeup. It is believed that lack of variety and tools played a big part in the simple makeup women wore before nineteen twenty because after new innovations makeup became more popular..”The tubes,brushes,and compacts we take for granted today had not yet been invented. Innovations in cosmetics in...

Flappers were known to be very rebellious, as we've already learned flappers did not follow tradition as far as clothing or cosmetics and same goes for their attitudes towards society. After women's suffrage was finally granted in 1918 flappers took this as a time to completely change the way women were seen. The nontraditional values of flappers made these women very unpopular by many for example, ¨The flappers chose activities to please themselves not a father or husband¨ ( Flappers). This was highly frowned upon as during this time as it was thought that a woman's job was to please men. One of the most profound actions of flappers is they did not wait for a man to properly introduce himself to her and her family, instead flappers made the bold move to find a date themselfs. Also flappers would spend the night out dancing to jazz music which was more popular now that dresses allowed them to move more freely, making them less admired by men looking for someone to settle down with. These outrageous acts of flappers started to concern society, some started to wondered if these women were expressing their right or if they were acting like...
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