Women and Tobacco Use

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Women and Tobacco Use
“Don’t compromise yourself; you are all you’ve got.” This quote from the famous musician, Janis Joplin, encourages people to choose the right paths for themselves in strength and well-being. However, over the years, more and more women choose to use tobacco and reject this idea. Although both men and women engage in this activity, there are many differences between the two. From how it was introduced to the adverse health effects, the following interview shows how the many ways tobacco use is different for a woman than a man.

Early in history, when tobacco products were introduced, women were rarely seen using them. It was taboo. Men did not believe that a female should smoke and it was greatly frowned upon. However, the Women’s Movement in the 1920’s brought a time of strength and rebellion for women. Smoking was used as a way to get across this message. Tobacco use at this time was increasingly popular for women to show their equality. Neither the men nor the women who were questioned about their knowledge of this in the interview knew that tobacco played a part in the movement. Although it isn’t a smart and healthy way to prove a point, it certainly made a statement.

Many people view the use of tobacco products by women differently than they do men. Both females and males who participated in this interview responded with neutral feelings on women who use tobacco. In addition, one male agreed with the women’s answers. Only one male thought it was repulsive that women, not men, smoke. In regards to smokeless tobacco, it was a unanimous vote that it is more socially acceptable for men than women. When asked why, many of the responses were of disgust and not being feminine. In conclusion, certain tobacco products are seen as more acceptable for use by males than females.

Throughout the years, tobacco companies have marketed their ads and products towards certain groups. In the mid-twentieth century, women were targeted. Using ads...
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