Topics: Pregnancy, Future, Unintended pregnancy Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: December 3, 2013
1. A critique on the available community resources related to unwanted pregnancy Critique on availability of community resources (30)
• Provide a brief account of unwanted pregnancy and the educational talk/seminar conducted • Clearly identify the available community resources related to the selected client /women’s group from a variety of sources

• Comprehensive analysis, synthesis and evaluate the availability of identified community resources (consider issues for client, family, society and nursing practice)
2. A reflection on the unwanted pregnancy and identify the
insight that you have gained from the project experiences, and decide how such insight may enhance your clinical practices in the future, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the talk/seminar in term of whether the stated objectives are met and the strategies are clear and well-conducted. Reflection (60)

• Comprehensive analysis of the situation of the identified client / women’s group • Illustrate what you have gained in understanding the needs of the identified client/ women’s group • Critically analyse the strengths and limitations of the educational talk /seminar conducted Strengths:

~good communitcation with audience so to enhance their interest ~little words in ppt wif comprehensive explanation so not so confusing ~hv scary effect to make them understand the importance of family planning Limitations:

~not too comprehensive….. like ways to contact different departments not provided ~shd also include male as audience as both of them hv to bear the responsibility in taking care of baby and to prevent unwanted pregnancy ~teach them more deeply like in ways of contraception as this is the main underlying reason causing the unintended pregnancy (like the usage of condom- man also included as audience) ~bigger age group (ie from younger) coz younger age teenagers hv the ability of pregnancy already and more and more teenage pregnant nowadays. And they may also face the same...
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