Topics: Psychology, Culture, Sociology Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Bianca Gibson

Explain the insights you gained from reflecting on your personal attitudes, beliefs, biases, behavior, and world view and how these factors might impact your delivery of counseling techniques. The two cultural diversity assessments that I took were Cultural Diversity Self-Assessment (score 138) and Cultural Competence Self-assessment checklist (score 93). By taking both assessments I realized the importance of self-evaluation. Being able to reflect on my own personal progress and development, I will be able to recognize areas in which I have improved as well as areas in which I need improvement. I would begin this progress by comparing a then and now technique as my way of observing my own growth.

In this week’s readings and discussion, I have learned so much about a client’s personal values, beliefs, and world view. Working as a Mental Health Counselor, I’m sure there will be many challenges as well as responsibilities. In week two, I expressed what might be a concern/challenge when working with a client that does not accept accountability. However, being that “I demonstrate and model my values in action with my personal and work behaviors, decision making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction it is my responsibility as a mental health counselor to respect client dignity and promote client welfare. It would be in my best interest, to help my clients to understand that values are made up of everything in their lives which includes influences from family and friends, peers, religious affiliation, education and more”. I believe that my experience working as a Mental Health Counselor would be tremendously impacted in a positive manner, by my developing a therapeutic alliance, establishing theoretical orientation, self-disclosure, displaying silence techniques as well as adhering to ethical obligation to my clients. I also believe that my own personal attitude, beliefs, biases, behavior, and world view would...
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