Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Opera, Constanze Mozart Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: April 19, 2005
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a born child prodigy. He was Born in Salzburg in January 27 of 1756. He was the son of Leopold Mozart. He for years since his birth has he inspired and amazed people of all ages with his work. He was the greatest composer of his time.

As a child he showed musical gifts of a great magnitude. He composed minuets at the age of five and played for royals at the age of six. He and his sister, who was a gifted keyboard and clavier player, went on a tour around Paris and London away from their home in Austria. Mozart's father thought this would be a very profitable trip for their family.

On their tour, they went to Munich and Vienna to play a series of concerts. In that time, music could not be recorded in anyway but paper. So to hear music, either you had to learn a piece of music, or people would come to play it for you. Since music was so uncommon, it wasn't the cheapest. Unfortunately, most classes but the higher and royal class would not get to hear music very often. Music was a gift, not a privilege. Mozart and his family were part of the lower class so they had the gift of being able to play music and listen to music, but they only got to play for the higher classes.

Mozart did like the higher classes very much. He loved getting handmade suits that had to be the best clothes in the land. He liked it so much, every time he would receive one of the suits, he would go crazy with happiness and make a new piece of music. As much as he liked his music, he most probably liked his music more than people loved hearing him play, and everyone loved to hear him play.

While the family was in London, Amadeus's father grew ill. In those times once you got ill, recovering odds were against you. In his father's illness they moved to a village named Chelsea, near the Thames River. A little less than two months, the two children could not play their beloved music for it disturbing their father. The nine-year old Mozart needed something...
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