wits and humour

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About the Author:
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, (7 May 1927 – 3 April 2013) was aGerman-born British and American Booker prize-winning novelist, short story writer and two-time AcademyAward-winning screenwriter. Jhabvala wrote a dozen novels,23 screenplays and eight collections of short stories. She isthe only person to have won both a Booker Prize and anOscar. Jhabvala lived in India for 24 years from 1951. Jhabvalamoved to New York in 1975 and lived there until her death in2013, becoming a naturalised citizen of the United States in1986. Introduction:

Humour is the quality that makes someone or somethingamusing or funny and wit is the ability to use words in aclever and amusing way. In this excerpt, it is described howoften an ordinary situation becomes so comic that bringsuncontrollable laughter. This story is based on such asituation from the novel “ The House Holder” authored by RuthPrawer Jhabvala. Indu & Prem Getting Ready to the Party:

In this story, young couple Prem and Indu were invited toMr.Khanna’s tea party where the college staff membersgathering for. Indu was very happy to go, so she spent a longtime dressing herself. She wore one of her best saris and redshoes which had high platform soles. She also put on her jewelry, liberally oiled her hair and wound it round with afresh chain of jasmine, applied red mark on her forehead andfinally little lipstick on her lips. All these gave her an opulenteffect. Prem was wearing his best shirt and trousers, and feltproud as they walked together to the college. They wereobviously two people dressed up in their best clothes. Premasked his wife Indu to behave herself with the requisitedecorum and in a way that she was well educated. Women at the Tea Party:

In Mr.Khanna’s living room, members of the staff and theirwives, all dressed up in their best. They were seated in a pre-arranged circles of chairs....
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