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Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Pol Roger
Vallé de la Marne
Estate vineyard
N/A (Producer: Pol Roger)
Grapes varieties
60 % Pinot Noir, 40 % Chardonnay
Climate Conditions
Moderate cool climate, annual average temperature 10 Celsius. Valleys can be very rainy and windy. Soil Composition
Very Calcareous soil, limestone. The soil has perfect balance between permeability and the ability to store humidity from the rain in case of drought. Type of wine
A dry sparkling Champagne.
Character of the wine
Fresh and complex. Has a taste of green apples and nuts.
Food Harmony
Pol Roger is good with for example oysters and caviar. The saltiness goes very well with the freshness of the champagne. Also nutty cheeses like Edam goes well with the nutty taste of this exclusive Champagne. This match can be too strong for some consumers, while others find it an interesting match. Commercial argumentation

One of the best champagne there is with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pol Roger is not only a wine, it is the gentlemen’s champagne, it gives the consumer a feeling of high excellence. As Winston Churchill would have put it “In victory, deserve it. In defeat, need it!” The vintage of 2000 is the most popular at the moment, an excellent harvest year. It has a great structure, maturity and perfectly dry. It also has a freshness that makes it a perfect choice for example appetizers like oysters and caviar. Also a good wine to match with dishes containing shellfish, fish or light meat. Cost & Sales price

Cost & sales price: 1149 SEK=132,4 €, sales price 132,4*3=397 € References
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Cost & Sales Price . (2010). Retrieved on August, 19th, 2013, from Systembolaget:

Château Le Pin 2007
Right Bank, Bordeaux
Estate vineyard
Chateau Le Pin
Grapes varieties
Climate Conditions
Maritime climate, but with warmer summers and colder winters. Sometimes risk for Spring frosts. Soil Composition
Clay and silt. A layer of sand covering mainly clay soils.
Type of wine
Red medium body
Slightly herbal with a light style.
Food Harmony
Goes well with Lam Racks with a cranberry sauce. The fruitiness of the wine and the sauce will make a good match and red medium body will be a good match for Lam Racks. Medium Pasta with tomato sauce with parmesan cheese (not creamy), the wine is soft and goes well with savoury flavour of parmesan. To be on the safe side a softer cheese than a hard cheese as parmesan could be chosen to the pasta. The high umami and saltiness in Parmesan can sometimes counteract the impact of umami of the wine. Commercial argumentation

This medium body Merlot wine is one of the most exclusive on the market. This small Pomerol-vineyard (2,7 hectares) makes only a limited amount of wines per year and is known to be one of the world most prestigious vineyards. The vintage of 2007 in Bordeaux had an excellent harvest. It is a wine for consumers with the highest demands on taste and especially exclusivity. It goes well with pasta (not creamy sauces) and with lighter meat. It has a fruitiness that makes it go well with red fruit accompaniments. The exclusivity of the wine makes it a good choice to drink on its own or accompanied with only one cheese, maybe a hard savoury cheese like parmesan. Cost & Sales price

1200€ 1200*2+1600€
Climate Conditions. (2010). Retrieved on...

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