Wine and Drinking Age

Topics: Legal drinking age, Wine, Drinking culture Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Persuasive Outline
I. When you are at the age of 18, adulthood starts to set in. It’s that time when you have to grow up and be more mature about life. I feel like lowering the drinking age shouldn’t be no problem. I understand that alcohol causes deaths and violent crimes in a lot of different ways but not everyone drinks and not everyone a drinker. Someone could have a beer and two and be completely fine. There are actually people in this world who are responsible enough even at a young age where if they drink they know they need to stay where they at or call someone for a ride. a. When you are 18 years you are considered an adult. You can vote, hold public office, serve in the military, marry, sign contracts, and even drink in other countries. It’s only one thing you can’t do and that is buy alcohol so why not lower the drinking age. b. Lowering the drinking age is a controversial idea, but some argue that keeping it at 21 is a damaging thing c. I am interested in this topic because of the fact that when you are 18 you are officially a legal adult. Prime example is that when you are 18, you can now go to jail instead of going to the juvenile detention center. My position on this topic is that I think there is no problem with drinking alcohol unless you are considered an alcohol I know that it had health risks but at the same time it could also have heart benefits. d. I am qualified to inform you of this subject because of debates that people have on lowering the drinking age. In my opinion I think they should so that is why I am for lowering the drinking age. Especially since you are 18 years old you should have the same responsibility has a 21 year old because you are in adulthood regardless. e. What I will be covering is some of the biggest problems for ages 18-20 about them not being able to drink/purchase alcohol. Also will be covering some things that help society with lowering the drinking age and how we help young adults with being...

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