Windows Part 2

Topics: Windows Vista, GUID Partition Table, Disk partitioning Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: March 10, 2015
Windows as a client
1. What are the main differences between the workgroup network model and the domain network model? 2. What might be a disadvantage of a large company using a peer-to-peer network model? 3. When considering the two GPO categories, how are they the same? How are they different? 4. What type of actions does the Local Policies/User Rights Assignments control? 5. In what order are policies applied?

6. Which user rights could you use to restrict remote access to a workstation? Windows 7 User Interface Overview
1. How can you quickly identify a shortcut on the desktop?
2. What is a gadget on the desktop?
3. On the Start menu, what is the difference between the applications listed above the horizontal line and those listed below it? 4. What were some of the enhancements to the Start menu that were introduced in Windows 7? 5. Which keyboard shortcut allows you to view the desktop by making all windows on the desktop transparent?

Windows 8.x user Interface Overview
1. In the Windows 8.x interface, what replaces the Start button? 2. What different types of tiles are used and how can you differentiate them from each other? 3. What different methods can be used to bring up the App bar? 4. What is the difference between performing a swipe and a slide and the function of each? 5. How would you display the on-screen keyboard within a Windows Store app? Within a traditional Desktop app? 6. Which keyboard shortcuts do you think you will consistently use? 7. How does the Search pane work differently from previous versions of Windows?

Section 2

Devices and Drivers
1. What does it mean to stage a driver?

2. What are the advantages of placing drivers in the driver store?

3. What does Windows do when it cannot find a driver in the driver store?

4. How can you be assured that a driver is stable and reliable?

5. Which tool lists drivers which do not have a digital signature?

6. Which tool will troubleshoot problems with printers?

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