Wilfred Owen

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Wilfred Own Poetry

Wilfred Owen was a war poet. Unlike many other poets of the first world war, Owen wrote about the hellish nature of war. He sought to reveal the horrors of war and became the spokesmen for men at the front. Common views of war at that time was that it was a patriotic thing to do, the honour and glory it would bring, the music and the drums. Wilfred thorugh his poems aims to encourage readers that war is not something to be glorifying, men, even teenagers are being butchered in the millions and is senseless. Three of his poems that explore the horror of war include Dulce Et Decorum Est, Anthem for Doomed youth and Disabled.

Dulce Et Decorum Est is one of Owens most well known poems. The major themes within this poem include the physical and metal exhaustion of war, the undignifying deaths, and the overall pointlessness of war. Owen uses strong imagery and hyperbole to capture the physical exhaustion of war. For example, int the very first line "bent double, like old beggars under sacks" highlights the young young mens physical state of being. Bent double resembles that of an elderly person. This is ironic as young men are suppose to be physically strong. The use of simile "like old beggars under sacks" urges the audience to evoke sympathy and empathy toward the soldiers. Owen uses alliteration and hyperbole in one line to show the soldiers exhaustion. "Men marched asleep" creates an image in readers eyes of a zombie like being as well as highlighting the fact that these men are so physically exhausted. It just comes to show that war is brutal, unfair and pointless. The second stanza is packed with action. The soldiers have been hit with mustard gas and must immediately put there gas masks on. However, one of the soldiers did not get it on in time and Owen describes the man as "floundering like a man in fire or lime". This just serves to highlight hellish nature of war. This image resembles a person caught on fire. This...
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