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Wikipedia: Future perspectives
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Wikipedia overview
Wikipedia is a nonprofit web-based free content encyclopedia, open to any Internet user who wants to contribute or edit it (Wikipedia, About, 2012). It was founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger with the name of “Nupedia” and changed later to Wikipedia with the intention of adding the “wiki” concept refereed to the invitation to any internet user to collaborate to the content (DiStaso,2012). Today has around 4 million articles in english and more than 19 million articles in more than 280 languages (Wikipedia, About, 2012). It is currently positioned in the 6th place within the 10 top most popular websites around the world (, 2012), reaching more than 400 million visitors and more than 89,000 total volunteers working on over 2,550,000 articles (Wikipedia, About, 2012). In several occasions, Wikipedia have been criticized about the accuracy of their articles considering the amount of contributions and the facilities to add contents hard to control for their volunteers (DiStaso,2012). Interestingly, a study conducted in 2005 by Nature, conclude that Wikipedia is about as good a source of accurate information as Britannica after comparing a considerable amount of articles in booth encyclopedias (Giles, 2005). Wikipedia’s vision is to make their community the largest encyclopedia in the history and distinguish form others by collaborating with knowledge in a free and democratic way (Berinstein, 2006). Nevertheless, since the operation of wikipedia depends on their contributors and their motivation to continue participating, is impossible not to wonder which would be their strategy for remain in the encyclopedias industry and keep their community freely active?

PEST analysis

After gathering information that can modify Wikipedia’s future, these are the key findings of the current external environment threats and opportunities. [ See exhibit 1] Political factors The recently ACTA stated by U.S and signed by over 40 countries already, attempts many websites and social media communities like Wikipedia. The aim of this regulations is to combat piracy defined as “The act of utilizing, without permission or legal authority, the rights exclusively permitted to the copyright owner” (UWIRE, 2012). Even though, one of the Wikipedia’s pillars is to share only information that is verifiable and reference any source (Wikipedia, 2012), this regulations are more interested on the use and release of private resources (UWIRE, 2012). Wikipedia’s collection of articles could be severe affected since a large amount of information will have to be delated. Economical factors Considering that wikipedia is a nonprofit organization they collect every year donations from their users. The money is used mainly to increment and maintain the servers, bandwidth, and development (Wikipedia: donations, 2012). This donations can easily be affected on the population income that uses wikipedia, for instance students have not the income or the habit to donate and they are the majority of active users diagnosed (Glott, Schmidt & Ghosh, 2010). Other factors that have currently affected the amount of donors is the lack of knowledge of how to do it and the personal motives to not to (Glott, Schmidt & Ghosh, 2010).

Socio-cultural factors Wikipedia, through their networking technology enables the world to communicate to others, promoting social interaction, cooperation and collaboration on a learning context (Baytiyeh & Pfaffman, 2010). The reason why “Wikipedians” feel motivated to be part of the community relays in the human’s sensitivity to social networks where they can fill up their needs to belong, one of the fundamental human needs established in the Maslow´s model of needs (Baytiyeh & Pfaffman, 2010). Although Wikipedia have proved to be as reliable as other encyclopedias (Giles, 2005), it’s...

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