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Wi-Fi access to all CJC students
Free Wi-Fi should be accessed to all CJC students. Wi-Fi these days has a huge impact on a person’s life. People throughout the world depend on Wi-Fi to go about their daily lives. Wi-Fi makes a person’s life way much easier and has many positive impacts. Wi-Fi is not only being used by students, business people and even the government feel and state that Wi-Fi is a need rather than a want. Wi-Fi serves as an educational, communication and entertainment purposes.

Students need Wi-Fi access due to the fact that they are attending school and are willing to continue studying. Not only students agree with this but also teachers. Having access to Wi-Fi through out the students will be able to hand in their assignments on time meaning they will be able to upload it though the internet. Teachers won’t have the hassle of collecting assignments during class time and wasting class time. Also it would be beneficial since students are always being asked to do research daily. CJC is an institution whereby the don’t spoon feed students the information they need to know, basically it’s all about the students interest in coming to school, they want to stay in school they have to do their own research and do their own work and notes. Apart from researching, it enhances the knowledge by broadening it out with new information and putting it to practice, increases vocabulary and tends to educate students properly.

Communication is a very important factor in the Wi-Fi access. How will students communicate with friends and family? How will they make new friends? We need to communicate everyday to know what is happening around us. We need to contact our friends and family to see how they are doing, to know more about them and not lose that bond we have with them from the beginning. Worried about the expense? Now there are different ways of communicating with people. There are calls, video chats, and Facebook and all are free of...
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