Why U Shouldnt Use Drugs

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Why you shouldn’t use drugs

Drug use is a growing rapidly in the United States, especially among teens and

even younger kids. whether its marijuana, cocaine, or anything else considered illegal.

The misuse of drugs can lead to negative consequences in ones life. There are many in

depth reasons for not leading a path of illegal drug abuse.

The first major reason being your physical health. Inhaling drugs like marijuana

clearly is dangerous. If done enough, it can have the same effects that smoking cigarettes

can cause. Marijuana has five times as much tar as the amount of tobacco. Injecting drugs

with needles, such as heroine, can be fatal in a shorter time. Consider that every time the

addict uses a needle by another addict, fatal diseases like Aids, or even hepatitis C can be

spread. Every day, someone uses a dirty needle and later finds that he has contracted a

serious illness. Addicts will also be less motivated to exercise or take care of themselves

when using these types of drugs.

The second one being how it will effect your family. Drug addicts often think and

act differently when using drugs. They will often steal from their family, and be known to

abuse them physically and mentally. Even though many families are destroyed by

alcoholism, repeated drug use can destroy them too.

Another big reason is job careers. Usually before someone even attempts to get a

job there is a drug test. So, before the career even begins it is over. For those who already

have careers, They need to consider that drug use increases the chances of losing a job.

All the work put in can quickly be destroyed by an addiction to many drugs. Losing a job

because of drug addiction doesn't look good, and especially doesn’t help you for getting

the next job.

The fourth reason is Friends and relationships. Friends are often more willing to

work with the drug addict because they see him as someone trying to find happiness, or

help them out because they see they have a problem. However, even friends will leave

the addict to his own choices, and may decide to stop socializing with them. The addict,

already losing his or her family, will have lost all social friends too.

The next reason is depression. Depression can turn anyone towards drugs. Many

drugs such as pills, marijuana and cocaine offer an escape from the sadness. If the

addicted continues to use drugs, loses friends and family, he will inevitably have troubles

with depression, which will create for a sad lonely miserable life for the user.

Also one other main reason can be Mental Illness. Even worse than depression,

which people experience every day, is the fact that the chances for mental illness are

higher for the addicted person than for the non addict. It could also be said the addicts are

already acting in an insane way by choosing something like cocaine, heroine, or meth

over family and friends.

Another major reason is Money, and getting money for the drug. Where will

addicts go once they lose their job? Often, money is the major concern of addicts. Some

will take to selling drugs just to get by. Either way, the user will spend most of the money

they earn on more drugs. They are often willing to steal and borrow to continue using

drugs. This is a result in them having no money left and being willing to do many things

to get their next drug.

One other good reason is school, and education. Many studies report that

addiction is highest for ages eighteen through twenty eight. A lot of these will be college

students. Some of these students use drugs every day. Considering the fact that most have

little money, have troubles with their family, and troubles with friends will result in the

the addict to stop attending classes or doing homework. So if they drop out of...
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