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Why P!nk’s “Punk” Style is So Appealing

By wangchenxu Apr 21, 2014 514 Words
Chenxu Wang
English 102-30
Inst. Monica Goodell
March 14, 2014

Why P!nk’s “Punk” Style is So Appealing
Alecia Beth Moore is an American singer-songwriter and actress, most people better known by her stage name “P!nk”, her voice is regarded as one of the greatest in pop music, she gets 2004 Grammy Award best female rock vocal performance, aside from her musical feats, she has also become known for her style. What is “Punk” style? Wikipedia write “ Generally unkempt, often short hairstyles replaced the long-hair hippie look and the usually elaborate 1970s rock or disco styles, In the United States, dirty, simple clothes - ranging from the T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket Ramones look to the low-class”(Wikipedia, Punk fashion). What is P!nk’s “Punk” style? P!nk is punk rock singer, so she style always come from her MV, Live show, etc. For example, in her "The Truth About Love" MV, her makeup artist Jeung says “the overall feel for the "The Truth About Love" shoot was all about P!nk's porcelain skin, lush lashes, and a bold, wine-stained lip with a combination Film Noir and punk rock elements.” (Get P!Nk's Edgy Glamour And Rock Star Confidence). P!nk’s “Punk” style is very bold and eclectic, she has often been seen as "adventurous" with her hair, and has had styles such as fluorescent spikes to pink-streaked dreadlocks to a pitch-black skater cut. Regarding her style, she told in Style “I'm eclectic. I'm a tomboy, but I'm kind of a hippie and kind of a gangster, I don't know if that's a good thing, but it is my thing.”(Wikipedia, Pink) P!nk’s style maybe not everyone like it, some people think it’s too bold, but such as P!nk says “ I don't know if that's a good thing, but it is my thing.” Why P!nk’s “Punk” style is so appealing? I consider people not just only like P!nk’s “Punk”, they love the Punk spirit. The purpose of the punk spirit is only one, they want to allow the community to hear their grievances, such as Punk people’s creed “ Said with the sound of their own words.” American teenager love punk style, they love bold and freedom, so they like punk music and punk culture. Finally, I think there have three reasons for why P!nk’s “Punk” style is so appealing. First one, P!nk is a famous punk singer, majority of people love she’s song, they don’t care about what she wears or what hair style, they think her performance was fantastic. Second one, P!nk’s style looks great, more specifically, because P!nk clothing, make up, shoes, etc looks great, people like her style, so her style is so appealing. The last one, people love Punk spirit, they like punk’s feel, so they like everything about the Pink.

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