Why I Want to Pursue a Degree in Ece

Topics: Teacher, Full-time, Substitute teacher Pages: 6 (2267 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Essay One: Why I Want To Pursue a Degree In ECE

Angelina D. Lewis

MOC @ Wilmington

EDU 305

Early Childhood Education

June 7, 2011

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known what I wanted to do. I am one of those people who was blessed enough to realize my passion at an early age. As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to become a teacher. I can remember as a child sitting in my room, surrounded by my stuffed animals (or students, as I saw them) and forcing my younger brother to sit still and quietly do the work I assigned him. I even had two baskets which I kept on my little wooden desk; one for my “students” to turn in work, and the other for more work which needed to be graded. I spent many afternoons teaching my little brother whatever I had learned in school that day, from writing words to adding numbers. It made me feel proud when he understood what I was trying to show him, and it made me even more proud when he started school and was slightly ahead of his classmates. Where did this passion stem from? I can only account it to my mother, who has been a teacher for 25 years. So, when asked the question “Why do I want to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education?” I am overwhelmed at the many thoughts and reasons which come to mind. My first reason is passion, plain and simple. Love for the job, for all it means and all it stands for. Another reason is for personal satisfaction. I set a goal, once upon a time, to complete my degree and become a licensed teacher. I like to complete my goals in life, and I don’t feel fully content until I have mastered what I set out to do. My last reason, and quite honestly one of the most important reasons I am pursuing my ECE degree is my family. I have a husband and a baby boy who are my entire world. I want to get this degree to provide stability and security for my family. I feel that these three reasons are the combined drive that motivates me to push for this degree, until I walk across that stage with a degree and a diploma.

Why do I have so much passion for teaching? It all started with the smells. Yes, I said the smells. I love the smell of a classroom…it smells like crayons and sharpened pencils. As I mentioned before, my mother was a teacher. I remember going to work with her on “Take your daughter to work day” and immediately inhaling as soon as she opened the door to her room. I love that smell. So I fell in love with this scent…then mom put me to work! Helping put up bright and colorful bulletin boards, cutting out shapes, running to the copier to make copies...Oh, my mom sure knew what to do with my little helping hands. She kept me so busy, and I loved it. I looked forward to going to work with her when I could. Sometimes, she would ask me if I had any ideas for an art project! I had no idea at my young age that my mother was grooming me as a future teacher. She must’ve seen the light in my eyes and known. I have always looked up to my mother; always wanted to follow in her footsteps. She gave me all the tools and support I needed to lean towards becoming a teacher, but she never once actually said it out loud. Not until I was in 8th grade and proudly announced to her one day that I wanted to teach. I’ll never forget the small smile she gave me or the look on her face. It was a very knowing look. All she said was “If that’s what you want, sweetheart. You’d make a wonderful teacher.” I ran with it from there. As I grew my passion just grew along with me. When I got to high school I signed up to be a Peer Tutor. For one of my classes I would drive to the middle school and help tutor kids who were struggling in certain areas of their academics. This was another key moment in my love affair with teaching; seeing a child’s face light up with understanding! Hearing them say, “I get it now!” and having them show their improving grades to me with each session. It made me feel so good to be able to help,...
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