why i deserve my scholarship

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My dad once told me, “once you find your passion, your whole world will change.” I spent years of my life searching for that passion, trying every club in school, learning every sport, researching every career in existence. It wasn’t until I went on my seventh grade class class trip to Costa Rica, that I realized that my dad was right; my world was about to change.
On the trip I was exposed to all sorts of reptiles. I was around poisonous frogs, lizards, and snakes, but I didn’t care, I was way too fascinated. Soon after, I became interested in the careers I could pursue with reptiles. My search to find a dream career ended when I learned about herpetology (study of reptiles). I found job opportunities for herpetologist at places such as, zoos, museums, veterinarian clinics, and wildlife managements. The one the stood out the most was the job opportunity at zoos. I want to take my love of reptiles to the next level. I dream of being a women in science, some one who isn’t afraid of reptiles. Most importantly, I want to learn more about these type of animals. I’m meant for big things; I know I am.
Winning this scholarship would mean that I would be one step closer to the future that is so close to my heart. It would make a higher education possible. This scholarship means that I can, and will, make a difference in my future with reptiles.
I was born on December 2, 1987 in Harlem, New York on the floor of an abandon building. When paramedics arrived after hours of my birth I was rushed to Harlem Hospital. Doctors ran test and I immediately was admitted and placed in detox. I had a large amount of crack cocaine in my system. It was determined by doctors that I would never be normal. After weeks of being in the hospital I was released to the care of an adoption agency. At 6 months I was given to the care of my first cousin. She dropped out of her junior year at Binghamton University to take me in. Years passed and it wasn’t until the age of twelve that I officially

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