Why You Should Buckle Up

Topics: Automobile safety, Seat belt, Airbag Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Why You Should Buckle Up
By Jaden Barling 7B

Why you should buckle up is a good question. People never do and then they end up getting seriously hurt or have died. I was always told “buckle your seat belt” but that saying has died down the last few years. People are too worried about being comfortable than being safe. Which one would you choose? In 1984 the law that you had to wear a seatbelt was established. But only about 16% even wore them. And in 1985 complying seatbelts rose to about 57%. And peoples deaths without seatbelts dropped to 644 for that year. Most of the injuries are the ages around 16 through 44, and when children do get in the car it is about 87% of them that are restrained with seatbelts. But when drivers are not buckled 24% of the children in the car with them are actually wearing their seatbelts. But the purpose of the seatbelt is an amazing invention it holds you securely in your seat so you have a lesser risk of getting injury or being killed. Air bags are great and they cushion yourself before you collide with the steering wheel, windshield, or dashboard but they were never meant to replace the seatbelt but to work together. The collaboration with a seatbelt and air bag increase the percent of safety by 40%. People have been asked “why not just wear a seatbelt” and people response was “I’m just going to the shopping center”. People never know what can happen when you are driving down the road and you know that this place is just a little down the road it will not take long, well anything could happen in that matter of time and it would only take a couple of seconds to put that seatbelt on. Those seconds could be the ones that save your life. And these are just some of the reasons that buckling your seatbelt should be influenced and are mandatory in all the states.

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