Why You Selected Your Major

Topics: Physics, Engineering, Third World, First World, Mathematics, Engineer / Pages: 4 (1572 words) / Published: Jan 7th, 2013
“Millions of people saw an apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why”, said Bernard Mannes Baruch (1870 – 1965) an advisor to more than 40 Presidents. And that is why I chose the major Engineering, because I just want to know why. Why do planes fly? Why does the Sun shine? I believe that Engineering is the answer to all of the scientific questions asked. The definition of Engineer is a person that is an expert in technology. They design machines, computer programs, buildings, and chemical processes. They use science to build better things that help us everyday in everyway. Without engineers, the world would stop. My father is an engineer, graduated from the University of Poona in the state of Maharashtra, India. Therefore, since my dad was an engineer, great importance was attached to subjects like Math and Science from a very young age. Those subjects were always first priority because with those subjects, it is possible to do anything.

I completed the "O"tm Level examinations with good grades in subjects like Ordinary Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics and Chemistry, which further reinforced my decision to go for Engineering major. I also liked to read a lot; stuff like mysteries, autobiographies of interesting people appealed to me a lot. I am now in the transfer program called ADP or American Degree Program. The whole project took me two-months to complete. Speaking of computers, I had to do a project for the Computer subject in 10th grade for the examination called the "O"tm Levels. My strong Mathematics and Science background combined with your excellent teaching staff, facilities and comfortable location are the perfect remedy for me to achieve my lifelong goals. Although I do concentrate a lot on my academic performance, I put a lot of effort in extra-curricular activities. That course was a breeze for me as the lecturers were very well trained and fun which allowed me to be very interested in the workings of a computer. Anyways, that is

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